Your wish is my command


Maître S: Maintenant tu peux aller te branler ma sexy salope. Tu vas lécher tes doigts humide pour moi.
LV: Your wish is my command Maître.


Enduring love.

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I had given up on truly being in love. My dreams had left me a long time since. That breathless feeling where to laugh is to see your happiness reflected in the other persons eyes. To see them smile is to feel their contentment reflected in your own. To feel their touch is to melt into them. To see them hurting hurts you. Needing and needed. They were dreams of my past.

I was not in love and I did not feel loved but I had everything. I was provided for. I had the space to hide away when my depression rendered me silent. But there was an ache within me. A burning need that I was trying to deny.

Maître entered my life. He was simply ‘S’ at that time. He became my confidante. We were the best of friends. We talked of his search for a woman with whom to share his life. He had a warmth of soul. An ease of humour. A strength that was unspoken. A smile that said more then words ever could.

I discovered that I loved to laugh. I had found someone who laughed with me, not at me. I found my passion. I allowed my kindness a voice. His Patience. Honesty. Understanding. Compassion. Passion. Virtues of the soul. Shone through.

I was seeking friends. Like minds that could share experiences. I found the attention and charm a man could give.
I discovered the feeling of having a place with him.
For him.
Just him.

It changed. We fell in love. The most perfect love. That day, the sun and wind on our faces, when he asked to kiss me. I knew.

And now. All the kinky things that we share are wonderful. Horny. Hot. Exhilarating.

But it is our love that makes it enduring. Patient. Unselfish. Perfect.


Erotica – Incorrigible

20131016-051724 pm.jpgI walk out of the shower. Smiling. Pulling my soft bathrobe around me. Wet and warm. Softly scented. You pull me down onto the bed next to you. Unwrapping me from the white towelling. Kissing and nuzzling my warmth. I start to squirm. Your hand travels down between my legs. I gasp as your finger dips taking my moisture to circle my clit. My body arches. You slide your fingers inside me. Hard. Twisting. Turning. Fucking. One. Two. Then three fingers. I try to squirm away. Your other hand pins me down. Your fingers force deeper into my warmth. Hard. Insistent. Screwing.

You turn me over. Pulling the belt from my bathrobe as you strip it from me. Forcing my hands behind my back. Binding my wrists firmly.

” Sur tes genoux ! Je vais te donner une fessée mechante fille, ça va te calmer un peu, j’espère ”

Wrists bound I struggle onto my knees. You push my face down into the bed. I hear the sound of leather. Then metal. A sharp intake of breath as the belt slaps against my bottom. The warmth of the leather hard on my skin. The pain shoots through me. I groan each time the belt lands on me. Heat. Sting. Thud. Ache. You watch how still I become. The pain centres me. Calms me.

I sense you undoing your jeans. I know you are hard for me. You want to feel yourself sucked into my warmth. You lean over me. Kissing me. Biting hard into my neck. My shoulders. Feeling me wince. Your cock pressing against my tied hands. Soft hardness rubbing up and down. You pull my head back, hard, by my hair, whispering

” Je vais te baiser salope

You pull back. Breathless with anticipation. Desperate for you to fuck me. Needing your cock hard inside me. Your hand travels over my raised bottom. Smoothing. Ridges left by the belt. Watching me. Taking in my movements. Listening. You feel the heat coming from me. The need in me. I feel your warmth. Your breath. The scent of you. Intoxicating.

You untie my hands. I put my hands forward to steady myself. You roughly pull me flat. Pulling me down. Off the bed. Onto the floor. I try to resist. Fighting you. You are too strong. Forcing me flat onto the floor. Holding me down. Hard. I struggle. Futile. Over powered. I become quiet. Still. All resistance gone. Compliant to your will. Helpless. You pull me up onto my knees. The warmth of your breath as you kneel down behind me. Your tongue travels to my bottom. Hot. Warm. Soft. Teasing me. I push back against your face. Your tongue probing inside me. Your hands between my legs. Pushing my thighs apart. Your fingers dipping. Sliding into my pussy. Soft. Wet. Warm. My clit glistens. Swollen. Exposed.

Moving over my body. Your fingers against my mouth. Licking. Sucking. Greedily. Tasting my juices. Mixed with the taste of you. The warm hardness of your cock against me. Feeling your need to fuck me. My bottom pushing back at you. Begging you to enter me. Your strong hands on my hips. Steadying me. You drive your cock deep into my pussy. Filling me. I cry out. Lust. Need. Groaning and tensing. Moving back onto you. Your cock hard and deep. My pussy soaking wet. Desperate for you to fuck me hard. You drive into me. Fast. Hard. Holding me. I gasp as you slide something into my arse. Hard. Cold. Soft. Wet. Waves of pleasure. My pussy tightening around you. Feel your cock pulsating inside me. Hear your breath quicken. Fucking me faster. I need to come. My hand on my swollen clit. My fingers either side of your cock. Wet. Rubbing. Hard. Fast. Wet. Warm. Swollen. Rubbing my clit. Holding your cock. Your hardness wet with my juices. The length of you inside my pussy. Feeling each thrust. Your body tenses. You moan as you start to come. My guttural grunt as I let go. My orgasm takes me. Pulsing. Tightening. Pushing back. Deep in me. I give my orgasm to you. Moaning. Urging you to come hard in me. You grab my hair. Pull my head back. Hard. Still. Last strokes. Groaning as you ejaculate in me.

Falling forward onto the floor. Laughing. Breathless. Limbs entwined. Rolling. Pulling the covers down around us. Lying quietly. Contented. You lean in to kiss me. You smile with a quiet groan as you see my hand moving back down between my legs…

” Tu es incorrigible quand tu es dans cet état “

~ words: ©ladyvilaine

Erotica – Sunday Evening

20130922-035013 PM.jpg
Walking the dog. On the beach. Hand in hand. Through the woods. Down the old railway track. Sunny autumn evening. Slight chill in the air. Warm sun on our faces. Crisp, cool, clear.

Returning home. You go to work at the computer. I lean over the back of you. Arms around your neck. A kiss then gentle push away. I change my clothes. Returning to sit across your favourite armchair. Casually draping my legs over the side. Browse TV Channels. You note I have changed into my nightie. Smiling as you watch me out of the corner of your eye. I am constant motion. I fiddle with the remote. A magazine. My book. I look toward you. My eyes ask you to calm my need. You try not to be distracted.

I turn. Leaning forward over the arm of the chair. Picking a magazine off the floor. Bottom raised. Black silk riding up. Lace edge barely covers my bottom. Stretching to light the candles on the table. Teasing you. Reaching further forward. No knickers. You glimpse pussy. Laying back in the chair. Small soft hands move slowly. Traveling down my thighs. Material soft on skin. To my breasts. Circling hard nipples. Pinching. Writhing. Silk and lace tight to skin.

Walking to the kitchen. The material clings to my bottom. My wiggle as I walk in bare feet. Black silk catches between the cheeks of my bottom. Turning back to your work. Silently cursing me.

Passing you a glass of chilled Montbazillac. I lean to kiss you. The cold glass brushes my breast as you lift to your lips. Moisture transfers from glass onto nightie. Nipples harden through wetness. Desire burns in my eyes.

“Non !” you exclaim. A little annoyed.
Winding my way back to the chair. My bottom lip forms into a pout. Petulantly sitting. Legs draped over each arm. Thighs parted. My hand moves down.
” Mon Dieu ! ” biting your lip.
Taking moisture from soft folds of my pussy. Fingers to my mouth. Slowly. Licking. Sucking. Rubbing along my lips. Tasting. Eyes glazed.
“ça suffit, enfin !”
Your voice harsh. Slamming your chair back.
Wet warmth spreads between my legs. Shiver of anticipatation. Long masculine strides over to me. Muscular thighs. Strong hands. The outline of your cock hard in your jeans. Feel smug. Can always make you hard. My power over you. Momentary power. Delicious thrill as you take control.

Pulling my hands hard above my head. Held onto the back of the chair. Strong. I try to pull away. I fight. Resisting. You hold me harder. Can’t escape. One hand traps my wrists. The other travels down to my throat. Exerting pressure. Desire in my eyes. Letting go of my hands. I become compliant. Pussy throbs as your hand encircles my throat.

Lifting my nightie. My body pushes. Catlike. Toward you. Licking. Sucking. Biting. Teeth grazing me. capturing my nipples. Tongue circling. Flicking. Teeth hard on me. Arching to your bites. Warmth of your soft lips. Heat of your tongue. Pain of your teeth. Gasping. Needing.

Reaching to your side. Picking up a lighted candle. Fear in my eyes. Slowly dripping hot wax onto tender skin. Closer. I feel the heat of the flame. The burn then the warmth. Onto soft thighs. Round breasts. Hard nipples. My soft moans. You pace the pain. I stretch my body. Feline. Back arched. Hands still holding the back of the chair. Blowing candle out. You bite hard into the soft skin of my inner thighs. I gasp. You bite again. Reflexively I close my thighs.

You command
” Écartes tes cuisses ! “
Parting my legs. Spreading wide. Open. Bite marks staining my skin. Red marks against the soft flesh. Legs bent over the arms of the chair. Hands still grasping the top of the chair above me. The hardness of the candle. Teasing me. My clit, exposed and swollen. Throbbing. Dripping moisture. Watching as you slowly slide the candle into me. My groans louder. Candle sliding into me. In and all the way out. Hard then softly slowly. My breathing quickens. Faster. Wet. Sound of my juices. Feeling me close to coming.
The words escape
“je veux ta bite dans moi Maître”.

Leaning over me. Hands go to undo your belt. My body lifts in anticipation. Pussy swollen and hot. Needing to be filled. Needing your cock. You smile. Kiss me. Smooth my nightie down. Sound of metal and leather. My eyes beg. Strong hand on my face. Your fingers in my mouth. I suck greedily. Jeans unbuttoned. Eyes beseeching you. Hands guiding. Parting. Gasp as your hard cock parts my lips. Sweet moment of resistance. Then hard sliding into me. Pulling back. Pushing in. Pussy contracting. Deeper. Wet. Hard. Your groans. Fingers on my clit. My body pushing up. Meeting your thrusts. Hard. Fast. Wet. Hot. Pussy starts to spasm. You groan. Hard deep thrusts as you come in my soft warmth. Crying out as my orgasm pulses.

Your arms tighten around me. Protective possession. Masculine. I become small. Curling into your body. Feminine. Emotions come in waves through me. My tears. Your smile. Our laughter. Safe. Sated.

~ image & words: ©ladyvilaine

Erotica – I will protect you

20130826-044421 PM.jpg

You gently take my hand leading me, you know I am uncertain, unsure, that despite the persona I have portrayed to you underneath it all I am shy and needing protection and care, lost and and needing to be loved… you understand me.

Leaning and kissing you, you protectively place your arms around me, as our lips meet my arms wrap around your neck, your hands move down my sides, touching, smoothing, holding, melting further into you, kissing your neck, my lips travel to your ear, my teeth gently caressing your neck as I unbutton your shirt, feeling your body against mine, kissing your chest, my breathing shallow, nuzzling into the scent of you. Your hands under my clothes touching my skin, soft against me, your lips kissing and biting, kissing deeply, the passion rising we fall down together, I take your shirt off and kiss you all over, licking, tasting, kissing, needy for your love. Pulling my dress over my head, your lips on me as you undo my bra, gently licking, sucking, a bite, then a kiss, feeling my nipples harden under your lips.

Gasping I feel your hand inside my knickers, touching me, my soft thighs open for you, I grow wetter as your hand slips down further, my body urging you to touch me, kissing, your tongue deep in my mouth as your fingers slip inside me, straining against you, my hips urging your fingers deeper, tongues dancing, devouring, looking into one another’s eyes, stripping off our clothes, naked holding one another tight, skin to skin, kissing, intoxicated.

Hard against me, moving down kissing and tasting my sweet moistness, your tongue on my clit, then inside me, your fingers hard then your tongue soft, sucking my clit, my hips moving with your mouth, pushing myself up to you, my hands in your hair urging you deeper, needing you. Pulling you back up to kiss my mouth, tasting myself on you, sliding down your body, kissing, tasting, licking, gentle bites, licking your hard cock, rubbing my lips against your length, tasting your pre-cum, licking, lips circle taking you in my mouth, sucking, feeling you moving in my mouth, my lips tight around your warm hardness, your hands smoothing my head, my neck, loving touches.

Moving back up your body, kissing deeply, sharing the taste of one another on our lips, rolling over together, your weight on me, your legs in between mine, breathless for the need of you, sliding against me, stopping, your cock against my lips, looking into my eyes, you hesitate, teasing me, savouring the moment, feeling my body try to move you inside me, my hips rising then my soft groan as you enter me, kissing you harder, moving inside me, biting into your shoulder as my orgasm starts to rise, moving with you, loving you, legs wrapping around your back to take you deeper. My fingers on my clit, your movements quicken your climax mounting, putting my fingers to your lips, you lick them tasting me, taking the moisture I circle my clit faster, your eyes on mine, my eyes glazing, groaning as I start to come, my hips moving with yours, holding me tight, pushing harder, my climax meeting yours, my warmth enveloping, squeezing, pulsating, we come together, my nails digging into your back, biting your shoulder, my hips raised to yours. Staring deep into your eyes, kissing deeply
“Je t’aime” You whisper
“I love you” I reply
kissing the tears from my face, holding me tightly cradled in your arms you say
“je vais te protéger”.

~ words & image: ©ladyvilaine

Being Beautiful

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Beautiful – adjective

having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind.

I grew up with constant criticism. First from my parents. Then teachers. Later, compliments were given to me rarely and usually with an ulterior motive – frequently sex. As a young adult when thinking about my relationships I wrote;

“Have they ever lain between your thighs and whispered sweet things you knew were lies”.

I was disillusioned with love and saw compliments as flattering to deceive. Sweet lies.

So when Maître first told me that I was cute
“Tu es mignonne”
he saw the disbelief on my face and insisted that yes I was beautiful
“Si! Tu es belle!”

It was genuinely felt. He did not want anything in return. It shocked me and I didn’t know how to react. But the next time that he told me I was beautiful. I smiled my pleasure and simply said

~ image & words: ©ladyvilaine